• To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

    - Buddha

About Me

My Healing Journey…

My life pursuits have included artist and performer, communications facilitator, and healer and teacher.

I am on faculty at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC where I teach Shiatsu. I have lectured on the benefits of Shiatsu as a guest speaker for medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapy centers.

My expertise in natural health and wellness has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Shiatsu, Cranial-Fascia Therapy (Thompson Technique), Sotai-Ho Therapy (Japanese Chiropractic), herbalism, nutrition, Pilates, various exercise modalities and meditation.

I first acknowledged the connection between the Mind & the Body as an aspiring actress: at a certain point with each role I would experience physical symptoms, from ear aches to sleeplessness to stomach pains, and I would intuitively attribute these symptoms to not only my environment but also the character’s emotional life.

I had been trained in  the Meisner Technique, a 5-year professional study, so I was equipped to organically create authentic emotions, however I was then left with the emotional repercussions.

Then my understanding of the connection between the Mind & the Body came full circle in healing myself of chronic lower back-pain, from a 12-year-old ski injury, with Shiatsu (Japanese Body Therapy) and Meditation.

The physical healing was a miracle but the decision to return to school and train in this magic had more to do with the belief that this was the path to healing my heart.

At 26 I was in a painful relationship, things needed to change.

At the deepest level I was wrestling with self-doubt and trauma from my childhood. I wanted more than anything to improve my relationship with myself.

You see, even though I first used Eastern health practices to address a lower back injury I simultaneously started to experience breakthroughs in many important areas in my life. As my back became more mobile I had less fear and self-doubt holding me back from my dreams.

This began my scholarly exploration into this mechanism between a part of my body and my psyche.  This became the catalyst for refining my intuitive abilities so that I could encourage other people’s healing process in a gentle way.

I had found the key to unlocking my potential and creating physical and emotional balance in my life and relationships. At the same time I was doing good for others by helping them heal.

So I enrolled in a formal training program at a Shiatsu school. At that point, as an actress and communications consultant, I was already aware that touch is the most basic form of communication and that physical expression has more meaning than words.

Three years later I graduated from the Advanced class and Teacher’s Training program at the renowned Ohashi Institute in NYC.  Then, before I knew it I had an office near Union Square and after three years of running my wellness practice, I combined the two arts that I loved the most- communication and healing, and I began teaching.

Being on the ‘so-called fast track’ was not my intention. I focused on studying only with masters that would not only teach me more about my ability to self-heal and to heal others but also guide my personal and spiritual development.

Not only am I a healer but also I am known as a skilled consultant and coach with an extensive background in oral and physical communications as well as theatrical performance.

As a communications facilitator, I have intertwined my various callings into a simple process for successful communication for teachers and health practitioners. I love to teach and to help clients express the core of their message.

I have designed and continue to lead communication workshops specializing in movement communication and presentation skills for The Cooper Union School of Engineering.

Over the past 5 years my focus has been to mindfully weave the naturalistic philosophies from my healing practice into teaching the Zen of successful communication.

I facilitate bodywork sessions for energetic and structural balancing, wellness consultations, meditation classes and private and group instruction on presentation skills for speakers, lecturers and workshop facilitators.

I am in private practice in New York City.

Click-here for information on The Miller Meridian Method.


6 Responses

  1. you are awesome!

  2. Hi Cara,

    Yours is an interesting story of how to came to connect with Zen, not unsimilar to mine. (I was a musician). I went into hypnotherapy back in the 70s. Then Zen practice (zazen) made a huge impression on my therapy practice. Back and shoulder pain resulting from injuries have been with me for years. I feel that it’s taught me a lot!

    Best regards,

    • Hello Derek,
      Thank you for your comment. I too feel that it has taught me so much, continues to teach me and is invaluable in how I approach and handle all activities.
      Best regards,
      and happy 4th to you,

  3. Cara,
    What a wonderful testimony! I am privileged to have you as a teacher! Thank you for your choosing to follow the path of the healer, I know we all make a difference!


  4. Dearest Cara Michelle,

    Thank you!!! For being an amazing light! I feel blessed and privileged to have you as a teacher! Thank you for being! Your spirit carries over into everything you do, every life you touch and that is truly amazing and special. I look forward to learning more and more from you!

    Peace & Blessings
    Crystal Rose 🙂

  5. So nice to see your smiling face as a result of a random google search. Missing you and all your light!

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